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  • DEADB33F


    March 10, 2015, 11:59 am

    I stopped reading at exactly the same line.

    Anyone who buys a brand new car on finance automatically loses all credibility when it comes to asking for handouts (or other people asking for them on their behalf).

    My current car is 18 years old, has done in excess of 150k miles and I bought it for £300 four years ago.

    I've spent a grand total of £55 in repairs/maintenance in that period, that was for a new tyre, which was required by law in order to pass this years MOT (road-worthiness) test.

    A brand new car is not a pre-requisite for reliable motoring.


  • nolotusnotes


    March 11, 2015, 5:02 am

    A well reasoned response, given your location, ideals and experience.

    You actually wouldn't believe my current situation. You'd be appalled and amazed. You wouldn't believe it...

    OK, I can't just leave you with that. I work as a 'Contract Employee' for a huge company. I have, in 10 years, never had a raise, a bonus or a single paid day off. No vacation, no sick days. No time off for even the simplest of medical maintenance. Not a single day. Ever.

    On top of this, imagine a system where by you are rewarded for billing every single hour available for the week. And that the system ups that reward every week, over and over. But, should you not bill every single hour, you lose everything and start all over again.

    The short of it is that I have shown up for work directly out of a car accident, still bleeding from the stitches. Still high from the morphine. I have made it to work after pulling the car over and throwing-up on the side of the road from flu.

    I made it to work the three weeks I had mono. I don't remember a second of those three weeks.

    I may have a different perspective, I guess.


  • FiOzymandias


    March 10, 2015, 10:40 am

    I never said you couldn't use WEP, I said VZ doesn't support anything beyond WEP. I.e. if you want any help you're resetting your shit back to factory defaults.

    I think they went to coax-only MOCA just for pinching pennies on installs. It's a relief to tell people they can bypass their router when it goes out rather than just telling them they're fucked until I ship them a router.

    VZ is also too cheap to have a guy drop one off for you, you're getting it via UPS. You can probably get a dispatch for it if you complain, but they pitch it to you as if you're going to be charged for it - "there may be possible charges." Yes, there may if you went outside and hit some shit with a hammer, but not for a router. Use common sense if you get this scare tactic. I never mention "possible charges" because I have to explain what a load of shit it is after people get riled up about it sounding like we're going to charge them to fix our own shit.


  • zahlman


    March 10, 2015, 7:57 pm

    A slight quibble: `int my_function();` doesn't **define** the function, but simply **declares** it. In other words, yes, that's exactly what it does: it tells C that the name 'my_function' is the name of a function.

    C was originally designed for "one-pass compilation"; that is, the compiler never needs to "back up" to figure out what something is, or to fill in information that it didn't have before. Thus, it needs to know that 'my_function' is a function, at the instant that you make the attempt to call it (from within main()).


  • IMakeHotThingsNotHot


    March 10, 2015, 8:49 pm

    Larger cities are the places that attract people looking for firefighting jobs, so the demand isn't as high as smaller cities. About once every year we are looking to fill a few positions. It gets incredibly competitive to get a job, however if you spend about a year and a half training to become a paramedic prior to applying, that is your golden ticket. If you are a paramedic you will get hired anywhere as a firefighter.

    As far as the classroom part of training, if you are going career you get hired prior to that, so you are on salary when you are in fireschool. That includes the classroom part, and no, you wouldn't be able to balance that with another job.

    Volunteer programs however are different, they are designed around the average citizen with a 9-5 job. Fireschool then will usually be a lecture in the evening twice a week, and all day Saturday. For about 5 months. It is very manageable with a regular job.


  • tjragon


    March 10, 2015, 7:03 pm

    I found a great reply to those kind of comments on the board for Synedouche, New York (yeah, I know I said I didn't read the message boards, I guess I'm a hypocrite):

    >"I saw nothing in the film and got very little enjoyment from it. My ego, however, can't bear the thought that there might have been something there regardless, so I've therefore decide those who *did* get something out of it are narcissistic wanks. This requires more effort than simply realizing that art is what you get out of it, but I find myself momentarily bereft of common sense."


  • 65kerensky


    March 10, 2015, 12:09 pm

    I would highly advise that he work his way up, especially if he has never been to a gym before. The key is to challenge himself so he becomes stronger and so he keeps his lungs and airways clear, but this could cause him to cough and wheeze a lot. Over time his heart and lungs should slowly become stronger, and this will have lasting beneficial effects for his entire life. A majority of problems CF people have with their health stems directly from these two organs usually being weakened to the point that infections and everyday CF problems overwhelm them.

    The key is to always do enough to challenge him (and keep his lungs clear), but realize that at the very start, this might be extremely difficult. Over time he will get stronger and healthier, so never give up hope.

    If it helps, remind him that with a little bit of working out, and all the coughing we do, our abs will be ROCK SOLID c;


  • tsoldrin


    March 10, 2015, 1:53 pm

    Nothing is being denied anyone with those rights. With health care as a 'right' however, the medical provider would be denied the freedom to chose who they treat as well as the freedom to be fairly compensated for their time and expertise (and thereby provide for themselves and their family), someone else will be denied fair compensation for supplies they provide and someone else again denied fair compensation for medicines - in both cases costing someone time and investment. Finally, someone will be forced to pay for the medical treatment and that itself may deny them the freedom to provide for themselves and their family.


  • kloo2yoo


    March 11, 2015, 8:06 am

    Again with the ad-hom attacks.

    If you want to prove that that particular law was passed before any domestic violence shelters were opened, that's your prerogative.

    You're the one arguing irrationally. Make a cursory inquiry regarding the history of domestic violence shelters in relation to statewide domestic shelter funding.

    You're the one who has repeatedly insulted me throughout this conversation.

    You're the one who ignored my references.

    this conversation is over.


  • SpiceMustFlow


    March 10, 2015, 9:34 am

    So you admit it is not presently a right and for it to become a right, enough people would have to ask for it and it would have to go through the system to actually become a law?

    Alrighty then, to answer your question, it is NOT a right. (Rights are inherent and not explicitly given) When something that is inherent to all humans is DENIED to a certain group, only then can we still call it a "right" that is not granted to everyone. But in this case, health care is simply not a right. If you can't pay you heat bill, you can't stay warm and you could die. But utilities are not a "right". If you can pay your insurance bill, you could get sick and die. Insurance is not a right.

    Insurance *can* be a desire of the people and we can reform the industry and give health care to all - but even then, it is still not a "right". Remember, rights are inherent to being alive and not explicitly given by a governmental body.


  • cgibbard


    March 10, 2015, 12:22 pm

    There are a number of answers to this question, but which one is right depends on how things are formalised. Most definitions of R^2 and R^3 as sets will have no elements in common.

    One possible approach to formalisation is to define A^n recursively in terms fo the Cartesian product of sets, with A^1 = A, and A^(n+1) = A x A^n (It's also possible to start with A^0 = {0}). This means that R^2 = R x R, and R^3 = R x (R x R), so the elements of R^2 are pairs whose right components are real numbers, while the elements of R^3 are pairs whose right components are pairs of real numbers, which by convention we can choose to write as a triple, so that (a,b,c) = (a,(b,c)). Chances are good (though technically it depends on the definition of pair and real number), that R^2 and R^3 will not have any members in common then. Morally, they have nothing in common, in any case: no pair of real numbers is supposed to be treated as a real number. In a related way, the sets A x (B x C) and (A x B) x C are not the same set, though there is an "obvious" natural isomorphism between the two.

    Another road to formalisation is to define the natural numbers as particular sets, such that 0 is the empty set, and n+1 = n union {n}, so n will have n elements, consisting of the natural numbers less than it. In particular, we'll have 2 = {0,1} and 3 = {0,1,2}. We can then define for any two sets A and B, the set B^A to be the set of all functions A -> B. This means that the triple (a,b,c) will be represented as a function f such that f(0) = a, f(1) = b, f(2) = c. Then a member of R^2 and a member of R^3 can't be equal, since they're functions which don't even have the same domain.

    As many have pointed out, there are many embeddings R^2 -> R^3, and we can pick one of them to be a sort of standard embedding in the case that we'd like to treat elements of the plane as elements of 3-dimensional space. However, there are infinitely many ways of doing this.

    One actually somewhat common way is to identify the point (x,y) in R^2 with the point (x,y,1) in R^3, rather than (x,y,0). The advantage there is that each point (x,y,1) lies in a unique line through the origin in R^3, which can be geometrically convenient.

    This way is part of an approach to defining the so-called projective plane, whose points are lines through the origin in R^3. Those lines through the origin which are parallel to the plane z=1 are called "points at infinity". Projective lines are defined as planes through the origin, and you end up with the result that since any two distinct planes through the origin in R^3 intersect in a single line through the origin, *any* two distinct projective lines meet at a single projective point. Projective lines corresponding to parallel lines in R^2 will meet up at a point at infinity. The plane z = 0 in R^3, a projective line, is the union of all the points at infinity, and so is called the "line at infinity". So, in the end, we're identifying the point (x,y) in R^2 with the line through the origin in R^3 which also passes through (x,y,1).

    Another thing we can do is take the union over all n of R^n (no matter how we choose to define it), and define an equivalence relation on it which whenever m < n, identifies any vector in R^m with the vector in R^n that has its last n-m components all 0, and mod out by that equivalence, getting a relatively "small" infinite dimensional vector space, after suitable definitions of addition and scalar multiplication. (It also gets a norm and inner product in a fairly natural way, however, as it is, it won't be complete, since there are sequences like (1), (1,1/2), (1,1/2,1/4), (1,1/2,1/4,1/8) ... where the vectors are all within any epsilon of each other if you go out far enough in the sequence, but where the sequence is not approaching any particular vector.) Anyway, if it suits us, we can then go back and redefine R^n to refer to a particular subspace of this space. It's not a very common thing to do, but it results in that nice identification of vectors from lower and higher dimensional spaces.


  • FightTheFeed


    March 11, 2015, 8:14 am

    I kind of answered this already, but I'll make it more clear.

    Being a furry, in the broadest sense of the word, just means you are a fan of anthropomorphic animals (animals with human characteristics). The same as a person can have a penchant for sci-fi or fantasy. Furry fans tend to gravitate towards art and fiction/movies that involve anthropomorphic characters because, for one reason or another, that is what interests them.

    Now, there are people out there who take the whole thing much more seriously than that, and I generally try to avoid those people. Some people get involved in the sexual side of things, or turn furry into their entire lifestyle (wearing a collar like a dog, barking at strangers in public, etc etc). It should be known that people like that are mocked by people in the furry fandom who still have their dignity.


  • Linlea


    March 11, 2015, 12:42 am

    *edit*: Solution 1 is incorrect because it adds (1/2)**2x** and (1/2)(**x/2**) but the quantity described by x changes from the first term to the second term. In the first term the value of one envelope is 2x, where x is the value of the other envelope. So, in the second term the value of that other envelope should be x, not x/2

    The first term is the probability that one envelope (call it A) contains twice (2 times) the amount of the other envelope (call it B). So straight away we know the envelope A=2x, and the x that is being referred to here is the amount in the other envelope B, so B=x. But, in the expectation equation for solution 1, B is taken to be x/2 instead of x; that is wrong.

    So we know the amount of the first envelope A=2x and the amount of the second one B=x (not B=x/2)

    The correct expectation equation using the correct value of the second envelope (x rather than x/2) becomes E[X]=(1/2)(**2x**) + (1/2)(**x**) = 1.5x

    So (and to be clear, this line of reasoning is from reading the Wikipedia page, my own solution was wrong) solution 2 is correct.


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